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Why accurate data is imperative in the journey to Net Zero Carbon

The UK’s built environment is one of the most significant contributors to our national carbon total, with data showing that it is responsible for more emissions than any other single source. Therefore, decarbonising our buildings as fast as possible is of the utmost importance to the fight against climate change.

It will not be possible to do this without knowing how much carbon our buildings produce, and we can’t know that without gathering data. Put simply, accurate data will be the foundation of any action to mitigate the impending climate emergency and all sustainability measures involved with that.

If you don’t have the data, you won’t know how much energy your building uses – which means you won’t be able to reduce your usage effectively.

So, how do you measure energy usage in your building accurately? The answer is to install modern ‘smart’ technology and achieve complete practical control of your building through total connectivity.

The first stage is to install integrated fast fibre networks to create the technology infrastructure which provides the smart communication network required.

From there, smart metering technology and sensors can be installed on this network to begin measuring energy usage accurately and in real time across the building. All usage can be viewed on our cloud-based building management system, and automation can be used within pre-agreed parameters to control energy usage automatically.


A technology-first approach to creating a sustainable energy building


You can’t fix what you can’t measure, and capturing accurate data at circuit level every 30 minutes allows detailed analysis of where energy is wasted, and hence where control is required

In this way, you can make huge energy savings and achieve significant cuts to your building’s carbon emissions quickly and in a smart way. There are huge environmental benefits as energy waste is eliminated, contributing instantly to your sustainability and Net Zero Carbon commitments and progressing your journey to a sustainable future.

Additionally, taking a technology-first approach to creating a sustainable energy building is cost neutral in the medium-to-long-term, with all outlay being repaid quickly thanks to a significant and ongoing reduction in wastage.

It is estimated that a typical building will waste 30-40% of the energy it uses through non-existent controls, meaning that financial benefits of smart technology will kick in straight away by reducing this to almost zero. With energy costs set to treble by the end of 2023, the need to understand and control your energy usage has never been more urgent.

Additionally, the cost of the system installation can be spread over periods of three or more years to ensure you benefit from overheads which are as low as possible. Combined, this amortised cost and the immediate reduction in outgoings can add up to a serious financial incentive.

IBG’s centralised, ‘one stop shop’ approach means we’re able to achieve this while offering an exceptional return on investment. 

We have a close working relationship with a specialist Green Fund which allows us to offer no-capex options for any green initiative including EV chargers, battery storage, off-grid generation, solar and wind farms.

With IBG and the Green Fund, you can start your journey to Net Zero immediately and allow the efficiencies created to fund the capital cost over three-to-five years.

What’s more, this same smart network system can also integrate all of your other building systems – from fire safety and security systems to HVAC and decentralised energy networks. Upgrading your building with smart technology to meet environmental targets can also pay off in a host of other ways.

Want to learn more about how IBG’s smart technology system can save you money and help you meet your Net Zero Carbon responsibilities? Get in touch with our team today by clicking here.